Assisted Living

General Assisted Living Articles

Assisted living is a residential program that provides housing, supervision, personal care services, health related services, or a combination of these to residents who are unable to perform activities of daily living or who need help performing them. As an assisted living resident, Maryland law provides you with certain rights.
In Maryland, Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) offer older adults a variety of services and care facilities, ranging from independent living arrangements to nursing home care. This article discusses the issues making a decision.
Under the Medicaid Waiver, the federal government "waives" the requirement that services be provided in a nursing facility and pays for home and community based services for those who otherwise go to a nursing home.
Nursing homes are facilities that are licensed to care for residents who need rehabilitation, health-related services above the level of room and board, or skilled nursing services. You have many special rights as a nursing home resident under both Maryland and federal law.
You (or your representative) have the right, without threat or fear of retaliation, to make suggestions, make complaints, and present grievances.
Issues to consider before you sign.