Estate Administration & Probate

General Estate Administration & Probate Articles

This article explains the general timeline for administering an estate in Maryland.
An introduction to Estate Management, explaining the first steps to take to administer an estate after death occurs.
Obtaining the will to be filed and determining the personal representative.
How to determine whether the estate you need to file is classified as a Small Estate or as a Regular Estate.
What forms need to be filed to open a small estate, and where.
This article describes how to manage a Small Estate, once the necessary paperwork to start management has been filed.
Unfortunately, some funeral homes try to take advantage of customers. Planning a funeral may be a very emotional time for you. It’s important to know your rights so you can avoid paying thousands of extra dollars for goods and services that are too expensive, falsely advertised, or simply unnecessary.
Maryland law protects spouses from being disinherited by the other. The rule of law called the elective share gives the surviving spouse the right to receive a fixed amount of the deceased spouse’s estate. The purpose of the elective share is to ensure that the surviving spouse is provided for, within reason, for the remainder of his or her life.